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Welcome to the Official SC/XR7 Shootout website. The SC/XR7 Shootout is an annual racing and social event working on its twelfth successful year. Drawing competitors from as far west as California, north as Alberta, east as Connecticut and south as Florida, the centrally located gathering is the biggest event ever organized for the MN12 community. With over 50 competitors each year and over 100 participants, this is an event to end all events for the MN12 enthusiast. We start by providing a host hotel for all to gather at and then follow it up with a full day of car showing, dyno competition, free lunch and beverages. Then we end the day with an on-site awards banquet that includes great food, raffle prizes, door prizes, car show trophies and plaques along with numerous special recognition awards. Day two starts early with exclusive access to the raceway with an opportunity for each person to get as much seat time as they want before heads-up eliminations to decide who has the fastest cars and who has the most work to do before next year. Then we have a Track Champ bracket style runoff between all the class winners to see who will have Best Driver bragging rights for the next year. The track event is also complimented with trophies, track champ award and biggest break down cash award.


Shoot-Out History

It all started with some cross country internet banter between SCCOA members on their quest for an 11 second time slip. The west coast won that one with an 11.911 @ 112.665 out of Jim Demmitt's Silver Bullet back in April of 2003, but the gauntlet had been thrown down and from there it all began. In the 5 months that followed Chris Wise and the St. Louis crew put together and hosted the 2003 SC Shootout from which the current SC Shootout tradition has grown. Perhaps no one will ever top the 2003 antics of Kurt Sunday and his sausage or the dramatic effect of Chris Wise shooting red hot valves out his exhaust tips on his 11.122 @ 117.770 pass, but one thing is sure, the SC Shootout is never ordinary, and expecting the unexpected has become a tradition.


The Future of the Shoot-Out

The SC Shootout evolved from the basic idea of "run what ya brung" and "put up or shut up" to a more formal class structure revolving primarily around heads-up competition. One of the key components of the SC Shootout was to break away from the weekend bracket racing style of your local track to more of a 60's style drag race where not only consistency and reaction time are important, but also where car modifications that fit within a class structure are regulated to give everyone a chance to be heads up competitive based on the effectiveness of their handiwork. In this spirit there has always been and will remain to be a focus on innovation that improves the performance of MN12's in general and the Supercoupe specifically. It is also with this prerogative that the class rules have been formed and will continue to evolve to keep pace with the current performance trends within the SC community.