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2012 Shoot-Out Coverage

2012 Winners

Mod 1 Class..................Sarah Lichtsinn
.........R/U......................Brian Whitfield
Mod 2 Class..................Sam Young
.........R/U......................Tony Serno
Mod 3 Class..................James Smith
.........R/U.......................Alan Stewart
Pro Street Class............Ryan Zimmerly
.........R/U.......................Ken Wagner
Elite Street Class...........David Neibert
.........R/U.......................Chris Vining
Outlaw Class.................Mike Siska
Bracket .........................Matt Haub
.........R/U.......................Ricardo Alfonseca

Car Show Winners

Best of Show........................Chris Homan
2nd Place.............................David Neibert
Honorable Mention................Brian Whitfield
People's Choice....................Ken Wagner
People's Choice 2nd Place.....Mike Siska
People's Choice 3rd Place......Duane Nettles
Best Paint............................Rod Maksimovich
Most Original........................Jim Sanderson
Best Custom........................Chris Vining
Best Detail...........................Zachary Lowe
Long Distance Award............John Ludorf
Rookie Award.......................Phillip Dalke

Dyno Winners

Highest HP Supercharged V6

John Ludorf ......... 504.40 HP ... 498.16 TQ

V6 M90

James Smith ....... 355.78 HP ... 391.99 TQ

Highest HP V8

Michael Bennett ..... 369.15 HP ... 382.13 TQ

10 year Participants

Duane Nettles
David Neibert
Kurt Kreisz
David Dalke
Chris Lazzo

~~~~Special 10 Year Plaque awarded to~~~~
Tony Serno

for driving to, racing and driving home from every event.

Top reasons for attending the Shootout

Ricardo Alfonseca
1. Not bringing your bird is Ok, Being there and hoping you brought it, is what counts.
2. Tim knows how to throw a drinking party, also knows how to erase memory from brain.
3. Bent valves are no fun, but having guys helping you diagnose it is.
4. Study hall/time at Shootout is now part of the Iterinary.
5. TBU flag looks good under the US flag.
6. I now understand JaRule saying.. "Its not how you stand by your car, its how you race your car." Shane?
7. 2013 Shelbys look cool standing still and while looking at tailights.
8. 5800lbs SUV can run 14.6s and can do 133MPH with three dudes.
9. You can win a trophy even if you dont show up with your SC.
10. 500HP from a supercharged 3.8l SC is cooler to me then a 1000WHP something else engine SC.

Brian Oatway
1. We can still fix peoples junk in the parking lot like there is no tomorrow.
2. No turbo cars this suprise
3. Vinings car is Bad A$$!!! Broke a ring gear..really?
4. I can give up a cool 100Hp to a 5-speed car and still get down the track first (sorry John)
5. After all these years.....we are still all chasing Niebert car
6. Phil Dalke needs a HELMET!!
7. I really need to put a zip tie on my coil pack wiring harness
8. EcoBoost SHO is a really cool grocery getter
9. SAAB SUV can get flogged all day at the track by anyone willing to give it a go and still cruize in comfort back to Mass.
10. 14hr all night ride home after shootout weekend.....BAD IDEA!!!!

Ken Wagner
1. You can lose a race even if you run quicker and have a higher MPH than the other guy. It just requires a short nap at the tree
2. Apple pie in Kentucky isnt like your Grandma's apple pie you had years ago for desert
3. You can pull a broke car on to another trailer using a diffrent trailer's winch if you park them side by side
4. When your coil pack plug is pushed out due to an expanding hose coupler the results can be a big Boom
5. A coil pack plug can be held in place with a zip tie
6. I can still drive my car faster than Michael Menke can drive it
7. You can buy the big yearly cooler at the box of crap raffle for as little as 20 bucks but have to bring it back the next year with goodies
8. Kentucky is really pretty this time of year
9. Its real hot in these cars with a racing jacket on.
10. Tech was a breeze

Dave Clark
1. Pulling your car broken to the shootout is the best way to diagnose it.
2. I may or may not have bent valves (doesnt look that way?)
3. I should have been coming to these events since 2003
4. All of the guys and gals on this site are family so treat them that way lol!
5. Make sure you can steer the vehicle you are pulling your broken car with has good steering before you leave!
6. Tim can drink with the best of them for one day so catch him on friday!
7. You can adopt a pet at the track
8. A computer from a 91 can be programmed to make a 92 run but.......
9. Bringing all of your tools isnt in any way a bad Idea.
10. When you bring a broken car wherever you park it turns into the SC MONSTER GARAGE!!!!

James Smith
1. A 7 year old MPIII can still get the job done!
2. Cobra brakes make a huge difference at what RPM you can leave the line at.
3. I really like Mountain Park Drag strip. Great track!!
4. Sally Arnold can put together a great looking Shootout book!
5. I cant wait for my Grandson to be able to help me out more!
6. 14 cases of soda, 10 cases of water and no airbags on the tow vehicle make for a little sketchy pulling experience
7. Brian Oatway makes a great bowl of chili and a lot of it too!!
8. When you get really bored you can entertain yourself by throwing cheese at bat (yes a real flying bat)
9. A Shelby GT 500 is much cooler when you get to see one in person.
10. I will continue to keep coming to these shootouts as part of my SC Therapy!

Keith Nichols
1.I can't beat Chris Vinning
2. Bottle heater kills the battery.
3. Need to get my low vacuum problem with my brakes fixed.
4. Tim Groth likes to drink.
5. Tim Groth like to haul azz across center medians.
6. Flip cup is a pretty cool drinking game.
7. Stray dogs at the track like to pee on your tire.
8. Liquor in a mason jar is good.
9. Ira is a hit with Kentucky waitresses.
10. Siska's car will run a 9 soon.

Corey Binkewisz
1. If you ask people via text how fast people are going, plan on goofy numbers.
2. Dalke is teaching Phil how to break stuff.
3. Im glad I missed tuning nightmares.
4. Im parched, that was my drinking night.
5. Vette owners keep getting lost.
6. I broke nothing this year.
7. Racing stripes break cars
8. 2013 gt500's with front plates = :(
9. Phil learned how to drive
10. Pro street class is lucky I didnt go.

Melissa Butler
15. enjoyed selling my spot to race so Danielle could race
14. Hubby and I always seem to get in some sort of squabble race day morning
13. Sal and Anthony like to show up but never end up racing
12. miss racing my red car=auto
11. I'm not strong enough to really race a 95 5sp with only 50k on it:
10. bringing home 8 qrts of oatway chilli then to just burn on stove=FAIL
9. since corey wasn't around actually got find out casey is pretty cool
8. Kathy Neibert is hardcore
7. Having car show/dinner/dyno/and sleep within the same spot rocks! now if we could just figure out how to bring the track there...
6. still having to ask some people who are you
5. D.O.T. shows up when you jump on the pizza guys car...followed by the real cops
4. enjoyed being able to watch hubby race and then later find out he won 3rd in bracket
3. sick of stock E.T's
2. finding out a family pet died while you were at shootout being thankful hubby did NOT let me know until we were done at the shootout

Chris Homan
1.I can't drive!
2. You can Average over 25mpg with over 400rwhp
3. Sarah is forbidden from daring Tim to do anything again
4. Who's Tim, I met him on Friday night and hardly saw him again
5. always, always bring duct tape, cause you know your gonna screw up.
6. Pay attention at the awards ceremony, you might actually win something!
7. Shelby's make a lot of power but sound like they don't.
8. Michael Menke needs another SC, if we make you show up every year anyways you might as well just buy one punk!
9. 2012 was one of my favorite shootouts.
10. It's really nice to beat on your car all day, and really just need to wash it when you get home.

Brian Dotlich
1.All the mayhem goes down on Friday night, DON'T MISS IT
2. Stick around for the just might win something
3. D.O.T. cannot do anything to you if you don't have ICC/MC operating authority
4. Head gasket job is a ~~~~

Tim Groth
1. NY Native ordering Whiskey on the Rocks takes 3 Applebee's employees to understand and even longer for them to make.
2. When asking a KY Waitress "if she is good" when referencing a conversation about playing pool... also confusing if asked by a NY Native.
3. Maggie is still my agent.
4. First charge to process on my Debt Card - Qwik K Liquor Store
5. Throwing cheese at a bat - should be an Olympic Sport
6. Smartphones + Alcohol + Blacktop Parking = Insurance Claims
7. Flip cup and a bottle of vodka makes for some crazy ~~~~ to happen.
8. Sunday's in KY = Dry County ...
9. I will make it to all Future Shoutouts from here forward.
10. Pizza Men Fear me.

Jacob Royer
1. bring my sc next year
2. 12 pack of beer isn't enough for Friday!
3. auto rotor blowers sound awesome!!!!
4. Canadians have a lot less fear of break downs than I do
5. cobra+excessive wheelhop +stock shifter+drag strip=broken shift fork
6. buy an ez-up awning!
7. register early because the breakfast at the Hampton is a lot better than quality inn
8. buy more raffle tickets so I win something
9. dalke knows his s@#*! + he and Connie do a hell of a job putting it all together!
10. attend every shootout from here out!!

Alan Stewart
1. Highway cones really can jump out in front of you.
2. Michigan needs to learn how to pave roads. Strange for a state where the car is king.
3. Anthony Arnold really has a soft spot for Canadians.
4. There is no prize for the person that actually drove his SC the furthest to get to the Shootout.
5. Cheese Bat should be an annual event.
6. Sally Arnold has a soft spot for stray dogs.
7. I will drive to the Shootout in the rain.
8. There are a lot less dear in KY and OH from what I saw on the way home.
9. The guys at the border don't like loud cars.
10. I am never going to miss this event again. (missed the first four)

Sally Arnold
1. I never want the weekend to end.
2. There is never enough hours in a day when hanging with an AWESOME BUNCH of folks.
3. It will take a minimum of 3 days to catch up on sleep after attending an event.
4. Sally has a soft spot for her husband, who has a soft spot for dogs.
5. Connie, Kathy, Dawn and JENx2 (Oatway and Kreisz) are some amazing women who can keep a good party together.
6.My car is a b*tch! But a pretty one, imo.
7. Chris V can break and still smile afterwards.
8. Smitty got QUICK as ~~~~~ this year.
9. Bat and cheese can be toys.
10. SC Peeps can put away some liqour..and in some very creative ways.

David Neibert
1. Tim Groth is a fun guy on Friday night, unless you are a pizza delivery guy.
2. I'm pretty good at "flippy cup" when refilling with Lime-a-ritas.
3. My TBU pals don't wait for anyone when it's car washin time.
4. Even when there are no turbos, 481 rwhp isn't nearly good enough to win a dyno competition.
5. Transmissions can spring massive fluid leaks for no apparent reason.
6. With the right people helping, an AOD output shaft seal can be replaced in under 2 hours including the drive to the parts store.
7. 2013 GT500s are scary fast on the street.
8. It is possible to win a car show trophy with an unwashed car up on jackstands.
9. Fancy pants electronic tire pressure gauges suck and Kurt's mechanical boy likes to swipe valve stem caps.
10. It is possible to beat the unbeatable Chris Vinning, especially when his car stops moving after the first 60ft.

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