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2013 Shoot-Out Coverage

Track Winners
Mod 1 ClassScott Bruhn
Mod 1 Class R/UDan Thornsberry
Mod 2 ClassMike Puckett
Mod 2 Class R/URicardo Alfonseca
Mod 3 ClassKevin McMahan
Mod 3 Class R/UMichael Bennett
Pro Street ClassKurt Kreisz
Pro Street Class R/URyan Zimmerly
Outlaw ClassBrian Oatway
Pro ClassDavid Neibert
Bracket ET StreetJacob Royer
Bracket ET Street Class R/USally Arnold
*Track Champ*Scott Bruhn
*Track Champ* R/UKurt Kreisz

Car Show Winners
Best of ShowKen Wagner
2nd PlaceMicah Miller
3rd PlaceKurt Kreisz
People's ChoiceTony Serno
Best PaintSally Arnold
Most OriginalJim Sanderson
Best CustomZachary Lowe
Best DetailJohn Peters
Honorable MentionKurt Sunday
Rookie AwardDavid Clark
Long Distance AwardRicardo Alfonseca

Dyno Winners
Highest HP Supercharged V6Brian Oatway479.38 HP448.23 TQ
V6 M90Phillip Dalke387.43 HP422.65 TQ
Highest HP V8David Neibert668.88 HP552.11 TQ
V8 N/AAlan Brown215.85 HP214.59 TQ

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Top 10 things I learned at the Shootout

XR7 Dave
10. Flippy Cup is officially more popular at the Shootout than burnouts.
9. Kurt Sunday is no longer the wildest and craziest lunatic at the event. I'd like to introduce you to Jacob Royer.
8. Bill Evanoff is a good sport.
7. Kurt Sunday will always be a step ahead of Rich Bruhn.
6. Having "Track Champ" on your license plate doesn't automatically mean you will be "Track Champ".
5. Being "Track Champ" is more than just an honor, it's a responsibility!
4. When your SC will light the tires @ 100mph, that doesn't mean you are fast, it means something is wrong!
3. You can beat Autorotors with an M90.
2. Brian Oatway is too cool to work on his own car at the Shootout.
1. The Shootout crew is Awesome!

1. Jacob Royer really does like pink
2. This crew knows how to put an event together
3. Your power steering pulley can and will just fall off when it wants
4. All oil pressure sending units are not created equal
5. Rico can drive an so so tuned car 26 hrs round trip and make it home even after hsving truck tires thrown at it
6. There were no bats or cheese cubes to chuck at them.
7. Not having to work on your car the whole time is a lot more fun
8. Chris vinning is a heck of a guy and knows how to tune a car or many of them
9. Ken wagner never ceases to amaze us
10. Going to the shootout can get things that have driven you crazy for a year worked out in hrs. Everyone that goes contributes in one way or another and I am proud to be a part of it!

Scott Long
10. I learned to keep a fire extinguisher handy so your Thunderbird doesn't become a Firebird.
9. I learned you can change a passenger side axle in the rocks. And then 5 minutes later need to change a drivers side axle.
8. I learned how long it takes to clean a track after a freeze plug blows out and you trail antifreeze down the 1/4 mile. I also learned how long it takes to clean up tranny fluid when you blow a torque converter access plug out.
7. I learned roadside assistance takes its sweet time when you lock the keys of your Shelby GT500 in the trunk.
6. I learned Jacob Royer hates his tires and even offered to let me do burnouts in his car.
5. I learned that Shane's Z06 goes 50-120 in about 3 seconds and feels like you are being launched out of a slingshot. It also takes on-ramps like its on rails.
4. I learned you can do 360's with a passenger and a laptop and call it "tuning" and that the short snout MPX is loud as hell even on the other side of the overpass.
3. I learned that Melissa Butler's girls are going to be future SC owners. They were loving the dyno competition.
2. I learned if you bring a friend to their first SC Shootout they will be back next year with their own SC.
1. I learned there's a new Sheriff in town, and his name is Scott Bruhn.

1. If you buy a Canadian flag chair for ten bucks at your local Canadian tire store it will last for only two sits.
2. If you lose traction, stop... it's probably something serious.
3. if you are in a class by yourself you can still win if you only go 10 feet.
4. the alcohol content of Lime a gina is low enough that you can use it for a fire extinguisher.
5. I still don't know all the folks that helped me at the track because from where I was I could only see feet.
6. Me myself and I raced a lot on sunday.
7. You can cause a 2 hour delay and extended lunch and everyone just says "Oh well, that's racing".
8. The best part of Kilcare is the smooth clean concrete pit boxes.
9. Sally's car not only looks good, it really goes.
10. Everyone at the Shootout party's and laughs like they mean it!

10. My husband would consider trading me for an Anniversary Edition SC.
9. David Dalke refers to breaking his sons car as a "for fun pass".
8. I should proof read T-shirts better.....sorry Alan, it's definitely one of a kind.
7. Even trophies require tools.
6. Shootout Books can be mistaken for a magazine.
5. 21 year old daughters can quickly develop love affairs with Shelby Cobras.
4. I can still be amazed by the love and beauty of these cars.
3. Brian and Jennifer are like energizer bunnies, they just keep going and going.
2. Data logging for the first time makes things a bit crazy on the starting line.
1. Losing by 2000th kinda bites, but it makes for a great race on the top end.

Kurt K
I learned that 440+ rwhp can go 11.90s in crappy weather and so can 375 rwhp
I learned that a painted hood can get some respect.
I learned that Victor plays a mean Flippy Cup
I learned that the Winchester, KY emergency room is pretty quick at Midnight on Saturday night despite the one delirious drunk that was screaming bloody murder while I was there with my my baby girl and her ear infection....I think I beat the drunk rush
I learned that I can load my car and all of my track stuff in about 15 minutes with a storm coming and that it takes about 45 minutes to re-arrange everything that next morning so my luggage can fit too.
I learned that I can swap all of my tires in the parking lot and put the car back on the trailer in almost the same amount of time that Neibert can do it using his fancy cordless impact
I learned that Brian's special cocktail sauce is awesome (and I brought a bottle home)
I learned that after 11 Shootouts, these things still don't get old and in fact, are more fun than should be allowed.

pro street rich
10] never leave a power cord at the hotel,,it will walk.
9] flippy cup will get you drunk..
8] keys should be in your pocket, not your trunk when you close it...
7] some people will drink any ones beer if they find it in your cooler..
6] some people will pay anything for a pair of "T" shirts in a box...
5] no matter how many tools you bring you always miss one or two...
4] I can still do an axle change in 30 mins with help..even on someone else's car
3] you need SIX spark plugs to make a car run good...
2] if your license plate brags too much you may need to get a new one Kurt.
1] even a M90 can become track champ with the right trainning.... Good job Scott we are proud of you....

Jacob Royer
1 Kurt sunday drinks more coors lite than I do!
2 The dyno will make you want to cry
3 stock ic's are useless
4 When drunk people tell you to do a burnout in the parking lot you probably shouldnt as it could result in a mention at the banquet (but it wasn't me i assure you the dyno said my car cant do that)
5 Jeff Brattons car does sweet one wheel burnouts
6 bring more beer or hide your cooler from sunday
7 An autorotor will devistate a new 5.0 from a roll and i must now have one!
8 The shootout is MUCH better when you actually bring a SC
9 the slowest car is usually a consistant car and can kick butt in bracket
10 Spending the weekend with this group of great people and great cars is somthing that i will never miss again!

XR7 Phillip
10) Red is the official color of 2013
9) The Long Distance award doesn't always go to John Ludorf
8) Autocrossers use nylon bolts to shave weight
7) Friday's are better when you arrive in the daylight
6) Mike Menke has more fun at the shootout when he doesn't have a car
5) Cougars and Turbo Supercoupes are extremely underrepresented
4) Ramps for the Dyno make good jackstands
3) Swapping a power steering hose is worth more than $50 in labor
2) It takes more than a good holeshot to beat Kurt
1) My car makes more power than Kurt or Micah

10. Don't let the TBU crowd distract you while you are in your trunk!
9. Ford Roadside assistance is slow.
8. I can no longer predict weather worth a chit.
7. Jacob has a few good jokes. Oh and his favorite color is pink.
6. People don't pay attention during the drivers meeting.
5. Pit area #2 isn't kid friendly!
4. $120 in tickets will get you a QH.
3. $200 in tickets gets you nearly everything else. Right Kurt?
2. This is one heck of a group to be a part of!!
1. My SC better make it next year.

1. Micahs car is pretty cool. But still worth $ 11,999 and not $ 12k.
2. Driving a Mammoth MPX-S with no hood will make your ears bleed.
3. Chris is the official volunteer tuner and qh instructor for the shootout.
4. There is nobody awake at 4am Sat morning.
5. Reving another mans car to 7000rpm takes balls. Might as well take your girl home too. Trust me I'm a professional! Bueler?
6. I can drive consistently slow at the track, 13.3 13.2 13.5
7. Mike Pucket is a sand bagger and would have broken out if he laid on it
8. Sally and I had the closest bumper to bumper race, photo finish.
9. Dalke is the meanest 5spd driver in the club. An Phillip has a great poker face, has no idea on his own cam specs lol.
10. I can have the will power to not ask DD for my sc kit. Even though everyone in the club felt the need to ask me what's going on with my blue car.

1. Chris Vining can figure out an engine problem in under 2 minutes
2. The shootout gals really know how to drive a SC down the track fast
3. Duane does well as an announcer once he finds the on switch for the microphone
4. The track had great cheeseburgers and chicken strips
5. Twin turbos dont sound very good, running on 5 cylinders
6. Brians car launches harder than any SC I have seen to date
7. Antifreeze on the track is really really bad
8. The Shootout just gets better and better
9. I need to bring sunscreen next year, sunburns suck
10. I need a more roomer truck for next years shoootout

1. Alky injection is not magic. Hot ambient = poor performance, even w/ low ACT's
2. 13psi in slicks at 80-100mph is scary!
3. Jacob Royer is an "askhole"....but it paid off!
4. Kurt Sunday is a yoga instructor.
5. Auto's can break half shafts too!
6. New hotel staff don't like pirates.
7. SC's have antilock brakes..... Sorry Ricardo!
8. Silver trunk lid WAS good for 0.3s off the 1/4mi.
9. Time to fix my wife's SC! (Although her working the pits was pretty hot!)
10. It takes 8hours and a day off work to PACK the car for the trip to the Shootout...but only 7min, 53 seconds to pack it for the trip home!

1. My engine can turn 6700 rpms and not fly apart!
2. I can run new PB while moving the shifter manually (it's an Auto)
3. Adding 1 degree of timing can gain 20 RWHP over last year
4. An 8 year old MPIII can still get the job done. Even if the Trans can't
5. Rebuilding my 4l60E a week before hauling 6000 lbs to the shootout can be done sucessfully
6. It is funnier to watch folks play flippy cup than you think it would be!
7. Need to bring Grandson some tools and stuff to work on for himself.
8. Transmission not shifting with your foot to the floor can get scary real fast
9. Coolant down the entire 1/4 mile takes a very, very, very long time to cleanup
10. I really love my air to water intercooler setup the more I get to use it.

Kurt Sunday
10. Brian Oatway’s SC can lift the front tires off the ground! (Dude, post that picture!)
9. Tony Serno pukes a lot.
8. Not just elf’s wear those kind of shoes.
7. Canadian Dude’s real name is Alan.
6. Chris Wise is a deadly bartender.
5. Jacob Royer could be my son.
4. Dave Dalke cloned himself.
3. A lot of famous people attend the Shootout! I saw Abe Lincoln, Captain Kangaroo, and even a Star Wars character.
2. Evanoff was awake at 5am Sunday and I wasn’t.
1. I’ve developed a small crush on Dave Neibert.

David Neibert
10. Keeping up with a GT500 that is chasing down a Porsche racing a Dodge impossible, no matter how fast you pull the trailer.
9. Playing flippy cup in front of the hotel on Friday night, never gets old.
8. Two 30 packs of Bud Light isn't enough, but forgetting to pack underwear is even worse.
7. Everyone does not enjoy seeing the stuff they just won at the TBU junk box raffle being grabbed and hurled into a nearby field.
6. Holding a flashlight for Kurt K. will get you a smashed finger, that makes it difficult to open beers for the rest of the weekend.
5. Sitting in the trunk of your car with another old dude while it's hitting the rev limiter on the dyno, isn't nearly as fun as it sounds.
4. Changing from street to race wheels/tires in the hotel parking lot and getting your car loaded back onto the trailer faster than a youngster like Kurt K can do it, is very satisfying.
3. Sally Arnold may act all inexperienced, but she is actually a very cagy racer who burned me down on the tree forcing a red light and a pedal fest.
2. New idea for early retirement....invent anti-freeze that doesn't require a torch and 2 hours to remove from the racing surface.
1. My turbo car can scare me more on the track than it does on the street

10. Turbo cars are rea..............................oops sorry I fell asleep there
9. 75lbs of steak and 20lbs of shrimp.....these guys can EAT!!!
8. Ken Wagner is still the master none!!!
7. Our sponsors are incredibly generous...I think the raffle went on for an hour
6. We can spend an hour in a very detailed and thorough drivers meeting and still have people asking questions that were covered multiple times in the meeting.
5. You can drive to a parts store, buy a freeze plug, return to the track, fix the car and still be ready to race before the track can clean up the coolant spill.
4. If there were any previous doubts about doing a solid axle swap this winter they are now GONE
3. There are some locations that the State of Kentucky and the Hampton Inn think flying the TBU flag is inappropriate
2. It sure would be nice if the darn car would START reliably!!!
1. If you leave your car broken in the staging lanes to walk to your truck for some tools by the time you get back it will be 3/4 of the way fixed with a whole pack guys thrashing away for you!!!! Thanks Guys (Rich, Kurt, Scott, Scotts friend, Philip, Matt) I hope I didn't miss anyone.

Ira R.
10. Reading the 10 things everyone learned at the Shoot Out is a good way to realize that there really were about 30 things that you learned too!
9. Not breaking anything at the Shoot Out is a good thing!
8. Not braking anything at the Shoot Out makes you feel guilty and sad for those who do.
7. Getting home and finding out you really did break something but managed to make it home anyway is a wonderful thing!
6. Seeing everyone else's kids only once a year reminds you that you are getting old.
5. Seeing how much alcohol some people consume each year also does that.
4. Watching all the dads take pride in their kid's, both off the track and on, even if they choose to break their toys occasionally, was a nice thing.
3. The tooth fairy has an amazing GPS system, but needs to start carrying a more diverse medical kit just in case.
2.Watching Mr. Neibert continue to find new ways to prevent himself from reaching his goals is as frustrating for others as it is for him!
1. Not having your spouse or your car at the Shoot Out sucks and I'm not doing either ever again!!

10. Going to the shootout is a blast with or without a SC
9. David N. hates nature pictures (sunsets and clouds)
8. Rich has never lost a race on the street, especially to a Corvette
7. David D still remembers how to launch a 5-speed SC
6. Mother nature is afraid of the SC/XR7 Shoot-out on race day
5. Lincoln MK Z= zippy S = sedan, X=crossover
4. Phil likes to talk SC's unless the question to him sounds like this "So when will my xxxx be done?".
3. David Neibert's turbo car refuses to run a 9 second pass, it prefers to show off and run 10's
2. Brian Oatway can not only cook he can build a mean SC
1. Ricardo is a kid in a candy store when he sees an open road and almost no cars for miles. "Tripple digits here I come!"

1. antifreeze sucks to clean up for a 1/4 miles
2. getting your feet stuck on the gas and brake, maybe not a good thing to do to such a wonderful host hotel...but it was little
3. my car needs gears to make good times at track
4. Tony and Dave have a bromance when drunk, and it even involves a banana
5. my girls learned what a dyno is and loved it
6. having track champ banner in your trailer is good luck
7. remember to pay water bill before you leave town...oops no water on monday
8. a non working drivers window sucks for racing
9. kurt sunday is the drunk, kinda creepy uncle of the shootout ..jk
10. royer whines more than his car does

10 guys in this group are great
9 Jacob might be funny or slow or both
8 everyone has better all around cars better than mine
7 Micah Dogg will take a grand off his car if he has a low dyno
6 races are fun to attend and participate
5 Kurt Sunday is a funny guy
4 I can beat Jacob
3 Micah does have dubs
2 it pays to buy raffle tickets
1 I am happy I was a part of a great event
0 I will be back till theres nothing to come back to