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2014 Shoot-Out Coverage

Track Winners
*Track Champion*Jeff Bratton #45
*Track Champion* R/UWilliam Younce #48
Outlaw ClassBrian Oatway #25
Elite Street ClassDavid Neibert #23
Mod 2 ClassKurt Kreiz #18
Mod 2 Class R/UScott Bruhn #5
Mod 1 ClassWilliam Younce #48
Mod 1 Class R/URandy Hunerkoch #13
Bracket ET ClassJeff Bratton #45
Bracket ET Class R/UDanielle Haub #46

Car Show Winners
Best of ShowDavid Clark
2nd PlaceCorey Binkiewicz
3rd PlaceBrian Whitfield
People's ChoiceDavid Neibert
Best PaintChris Wise
Most OriginalJim Sanderson
Best CustomZachary Lowe
Best DetailBill Evanoff
Honorable MentionJeff Bratton
Rookie AwardPaul Brinson Jr
Long Distance AwardMike Puckett
Shootout AmbassadorJennifer Oatway
Spirit of the ShootoutChris Wise

Misc Awards
Lowest ETBrian Oatway
Best BurnoutJohn Peters
Worst Breakdown 1stJames Smith
Worst Breakdown 2ndRyan Zimmerly

Dyno Winners
V6 M90James Smith462.54 HP353.91 TQ
V6 SuperchargedRyan Zimmerly506.70 HP478.98 TQ
V6 TurboCorey Binkiewicz737.10 HP674.84 TQ
V8 Power AdderSteve Watson391.55 HP392.36 TQ

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Top 10 things I learned at the Shootout

pro street rich
1] never put the fox in charge of guarding the hen house...or Kurt S. to guard the parking lot...
2] never set your chair in front of the dyno or you will get a note pad to write down all the dyno totals..
3] tubro's in the rear take forever to spool up. right Ken.
4] tubro's and rear axles plus 5 speeds don't mix
5] never believe the weather man when he says it will rain all weekend.
6] red lights are habit forming in the final rounds of racing..right kurt,mike,scott or brian....
7] two guys can change a rear axle in under 15 minutes with just simple hand tooks...
8] three guys changing the other axle on the same car can do it in even more time???
9] who do you have to kill to pull 500 horse's on the dyno?? three guys missed by a total of only 8 horse's between those three guys??
10] if you missed this years event you are a total jerk because everyone had a great time even with all rain we had for two days...

Kurt K
10) All of the helpers at the Shootout deserve a ton of recognition.
9) I still can't figure out how to get traction in my car...maybe time for new tires.
8) Brian's new enclosed trailer is sweet.
7) Having 4 cars in line for the dyno doesn't mean that any of them are actually ready (data logging issues, two no-start issues and a lost driver)
6) 400+ rwhp on the dyno is easy for a lot of people, but not me (396 rwhp).
5) With a few minor melt-downs, my 3 kids did pretty well surviving the weekend...huge thanks again to our sitters.
4) I really need to race more than once a year
3) The host hotel went our of their way to accomodate us once again.
2) Weather forecasters were wrong, as usual.
1) Hanging out with a bunch of great car friends makes for an awesome weekend.

1. The staff does an amazing job running this event
2. Brian oatway can cook
3. Danielle Haub can make one mean cupcake that looks so amazing you are scared to eat it.
4. Kurt Sunday must have been a good sherrif there were 0 parking lot burnouts.
5. Tim Groth can drive his car from virginia with a huge hole in his header, patch it with tiger patch and beat me down the 1/4 mile.
6. I suck at drag racing and need alot of seat time to vendicate myself next year.
7. Nitrous makes alot of torque.
8. Victor from spinning wheels is one heck of good friend and a huge assett to the sccoa.
9. With hard work and tenacity a streetable 400+ rwhp supercoupe is possible.
10. All of the sccoa members who have attended the shootout are awesome and i look fwd to being a part of it every year, thank you all doesnt say enough!

1 Dan Thornsberry , Randy Hammercock , Matt Haub, Tim Groth and Jeff Bratton are cool as hell and will go out of there way to help you rebuild your car AND truck (thanks again dan) at the last minute
2 We finally have a guy that can outdrink and stay up later than Kurt Sunday Joss Ross
3 For the first time i brought enough beer
4 You can have everything lined out and your car goto crap on race day
5 Its not fun burning out a chevy truck headlight switch 1.5hrs from home in the dark/rain and having to finish the trip with no trailer brakes/lights
6 I still do better burnouts than Kurt Sunday
7 Dave Clark has a very interesting book autographed to him...(ask chris wise)
8 You can actually win non CRAP items in the TBU auction...
9 NEVER trade raffle tickets before the raffle...
10 Randy can put down more torque than any SC'd v6 in the club with crazy belt slip and no tune.

10. Tim Groth, Michael Mattix, Paul Brinson (and most of the other guys I met for the first time this year) - you guys are some cool dudes.
9. Jacob Royer is always entertaining...even his drunk stories' re-runs are funny
8. The Shootout is fun either way, but coming with the car fully prepped let's you enjoy the company rather than trying to do alignments, fender rolling, oil changes, etc. outside in the rain.
7. Randy's car really is awesome (thanks again for the test drive buddy!) - but that thing needs a tune!!!
6. At 80+mph, on the same size wheel....28" tall tires are less squirrely than 26" tall tires, which are less squirrely than 24" tall tires
5. 3.07's + 28"x11.5" Hoosiers on SC wheels aren't bad at all
4. Dave Dalke is the mental dream crusher
3. Tractor tires + truck transmission + corn gas = good, fast, farm-friendly fun!
2. Jeff and Danielle can race! So...I need to start helping them tune their cars because...
1. The hidden scalar in BE "MZSTFUP" works....right Jacob Royer and ganulfthegrey????? :P

1. You have to get there to learn anything.
2. Your car can be running great and then turn off like a light switch.
3. AAA will get you a tow truck ... eventually.
4. Tow truck drivers in Ohio are seriously underpaid.
5. Ohio State Troopers are friendly and sympathetic if you have a broken car.
6. Dave and Connie Dalke will step up to help you in a time of need.
7. Dave's white sport model is a really nice car to drive.
8. Canadian citizens are not allowed to drive US plated cars in Canada.
9. The Canadian Border Services Agency will not answer the phone on the weekend. 24 hr service ... yah right.
10. According to Rich I'm a total jerk for not getting to the event this year. Nice, Rich.

Tim Groth
1. Event Wives and Cordinators - You Make this event what it is. - Thank you for all you do!
2. You can fix a hole in a header with $5 patch tape and an empty beer can when in a pinch.
3. Wearing the provided name tag and being sober on a Saturday helps to finally put names with faces of people I've spoke to for years.
4. The Ledgend of Kurt Sunday is real - He also loves the art of Dancing.
5. Chris Vining - Is a heck of a friend - thanks for your assistance without asking on fixing my car and tuning all weekend.
6. Putting your car on the dyno for the first time is exciting and nerve racking at the same time.
7. Jacob Royer's red car is slow no matter what he does - I understand why he drinks now.
8. Everyone in the club is cool as hell, truly feel lucky to be a part of this group.
9. My car apparently looks more badass than it is to track staff - who asked me where my helmet and safety equipment were prior to seeing it run.
10. Drinking Beer with Jacob till he tells funny stories that would offend most was worth the price of admission.

10. The Shootout weekend is the best weekend of the year!
9. Rain or shine it is a great weekend.
8. Doesn't matter that I am only 45 minutes from the event, I still arrive late.
7. Eleanor can sleep at the track during racing.
6. My car hates the Shootout more than Royer's.
5. Watching a grown man almost cry after realizing he lost a $1,500 set of heads after trading raffle tickets is kinda funny to this group.
4. Having a camera in front of your face will protect you from a blazed face on race day.
3. Eddie LOOOOVES running through water.
2. Flipcup is an acceptable birthday game.
1. SnapChat CAN be very dangerous.

10. Once again lots of turbo hoopla on Saturday but at the track......yawn (Sorry Corey....awesome car!! Ken needs a trans brake or something)
9. Dyno champion on Saturday means fvcked on race day once again....this might actually be some kind of shootout curse.
8. The sun always shines on the shootout
7. Danielle Haub can make some cupcakes!!
6. EcoBoost F-150 SCrew with 3.73 gears + 24' enclosed trailer = 8.5mpg
5. Fancy rear end doesn't mean guaranteed good traction at the track
4. It's dang hard to wait long enough when bracket racing and you give someone a 3 sec head start
3. Lots of new faces this year....a great bunch of new people to meet
2. Even when shootout people are hundreds of miles away they are still able to go to extremes to help other shootout folks with car troubles (David Dalke and Alan Stewart)
1. Once again it was the SC/XR7 community that makes this event special....the show/dyno/racing are not the highlights but simply things that just happen around our people
Edit: 0. Watch out for those trailers!!! Barking your shin on your trailer fender looks like it hurts....and getting your foot stuck between your trailer tires when getting out of your car is funny from across the pits but I bet it hurt in person.

1. This is an awesome event that I can't believe I missed all these years
2. David Clark trusts me with his truck after knowing him a matter of minutes
3. David and Phil seem too quiet and calm to fit in with this crazy group
4. Apparently Kurt Sunday is the only one who can pronounce my name
5. The track announcer gets annoying after calling them Thunderchickens 100 times
6. Driving 12hrs in one night with a truck and trailer after racing all day is not fun
7. Everybody is Bill Evanoff to Kurt, even if you just met him
8. Any hotel that puts up with us is a great hotel and should never be changed, although more trailer parking would be nice
9. Jacob Royer loves to give high fives
10. Dont stand across from Neibert plying flip cup, you will get beer spit on you

David Neibert
10. Really sucks loading and unloading my car/trailer in the rain.
09. When traveling in the rain, car gets just as dirty under the hood.
08. Banquet hall PA system can't handle my music.
07. It's great spending your Birthday at the Shootout (thanks for the awesome party).
06. Flippy cup is a messy game, especially for the person across from me.
05. Praying for the rain to stop, actually does work.
04. Cars in the dyno competition can suddenly make an extra 25rwhp, if the tuner is sitting inside.
03. Kurt K is extremely lucky in the raffle prize drawings (never seen anyone win so much stuff for $60 worth of tickets)
02. Seeing how much fun Shootout newbies have, never gets old.
01. This event is really about the people, the cars are just a good excuse to get together.

10. Driving home in a down pour is like driving on ice.
9. Paying Apu at the Super 8 $12 to park under his awning is worth it. Right Kurt?
8. Kurt Sunday needs to wear underwear....
7. I made it this year with my CAR and won BEST PAINT.
6. Some of the best people you will meet of any group of car people out there.
5. Sally Arnold you still take the best pictures.
4. Spinning your alternator at 22,000 RPMs is more than the regulator can handle.
3. Rich Bruhn has 100'+ of extension cords and a battery charger that will keep you racing.
2. Running 2-12.307 exactly is fairly consistent.
1. My wife will allow me to be away on our anniversary...yeah shes pretty cool.

10. 6 early style valve cover grommits will seal against oil better than 7 do.
9. Riding in Randy's car is sorta like snowboarding, one doesn't so much steer as attempt to control it from slipping out from underneath you!
8. Kurt Sunday is showing a lot more gray hair these days.
7. There must have been a lot of red SC's made.
6. Nobody knows why Jacob would swap winning raffle tickets with Randy at the last minute, except they were rooming together!
5. It is the people who make this event so much fun, but it is the SC that brought those same people together in the first place!
4. Brian Oatway and his merry band of helpers know no bounds to delivering the necessary race fuel the Shootout requires to prevent everybody from going lean and melting down their pistons.
3. Alcohol injection can permit over boosting but it is very hard on the equipment.
2. David Niebert has a future as a DJ if he loses his day job.
1. The SC Shootout is one of the top ten coolest things to do!