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2015 Shoot-Out Coverage

Track Winners
*Track Champion*Brian Oatway
*Track Champion* R/UDavid Dalke
Outlaw ClassBrian Oatway
Elite Street ClassDavid Neibert
Pro Street ClassDavid Dalke
Pro Street Class R/UKurt Kreisz
Mod 2 ClassSarah Homan
Mod 2 Class R/UAlan Stewart
Mod 1 ClassWilliam Younce
Mod 1 Class R/UWill Smith
Bracket ET ClassShane Glynn
Bracket ET Class R/UJohn Peters

Car Show Winners
Best of ShowChris Wise
2nd PlaceDavid Neibert
3rd PlaceKurt Kreisz
People's ChoiceZach Lowe
Best PaintJames Smith
Most OriginalJim Sanderson
Best CustomCorey Binkiewicz
Best DetailIkey Maynard
Honorable MentionJacob Royer
Rookie AwardLuke Wolak
Long Distance AwardRicardo Alfonseca
Shootout AmbassadorMatt & Danielle Haub
Spirit of the ShootoutKathy Neibert

Misc Awards
Lowest ETBrian Oatway
Best BurnoutJohn Peters
Worst BreakdownChris Wise

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Top 10 things I learned at the Shootout

pro street rich
1. Duane can bring TWO SC"s to the shoot out broken and can get them both fixed without getting dirty even just a bit...
2. The Ramada Inn left a LOT to everyones thinking as to what a good hotel is really like...
3. If you go racing you should ALWAYS turn on your cooling fan or you will cook something but good.
4. ALWAYS sit in your car when you start it so you know where it will end up??? and what it will run over and tear up...
5. Kurt Sunday is good for winning prize's.....lots of them..
6. This group can keep the drinking down when they want to, that was something to see.
7. The double D can make even a stocker run into the 11's..
8. As the scales did prove out a big block S.C. is not any heaver than a 3.8 and was almost a perfect balance front to back.
9. No matter who break down at this event we all make sure they get home without too much trouble..
10. we all had a great time and everyone left with a happy face on. Even those that lost were still happy..

1. Rich is not afraid to say when he crashes his car into his own trailer.
2. Trailering the car allows you to bring more junk with you. Never used even half of it.
3. You can still do well if you can work around a malfunctioning transmission.
4. I got beat by a girl. Congrats to Sarah for her skill and well prepared car.
5. Even a hotel room with a defective TV, clock radio and wake up call service can have comfortable beds.
6. Other hotel guests will spit on your car if you don't park straight and take 2 parking spots.
7. You can win 'Best Paint' if you back into your show spot to hide your mashed rear bumper.
8. Kurt Sunday likes Canadian beer.
9. Electric cars should have external speakers to make car sounds.
10. Broken or not, everybody gets home. What a great group of people. Proud to be calling you all 'friends'.

1. Im pretty sure I know why they call it the Ramada Limited...
2. The TBU raffle is a lot more entertaining than it sounds.
3. You can have any kind of pizza you want, so long as its cheese
4. Brian and Smitty are pretty good cooks.
5. Dont buy cheap RockAuto axles
6. Phillip, Corey, and Dave are great guys for helping me fix said cheap axle
7. Drag racing is harder than it looks
8. It takes more than $20 worth of tickets to win a jaybird chip, unless your Randy, then you can win two of them.
9. 930 trouble free miles is not as good as 940.
10. And finally, id rather be in the dark than have Duane shake his flashlight!!!