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2016 Shoot-Out Coverage

Track Winners
*Track Champion*Brian Oatway
*Track Champion* R/UKurt Kreisz
Outlaw ClassBrian Oatway
Elite Street ClassLuke Wolak
Elite Street Class R/UDavid Neibert
Pro Street ClassKurt Kreisz
Mod 2 ClassSarah Homan
Mod 2 Class R/UMatt Haub
Mod 1 ClassIra Robinson
Mod 1 Class R/UDerek Thompson
Bracket ET ClassMatt Haub
Bracket ET Class R/UScott Bruhn

Dyno Winners
V6 M90Derek Thompson384.81 HP
V6 SuperchargedBrian Oatway527.17 HP
V6 TurboCorey Binkiewicz686.19 HP
V8 Power AdderChris Vinning681.27 HP

Car Show Winners
Best of ShowDavid Clark
2nd PlaceDavid Neibert
3rd PlaceChris Wise
People's ChoiceSarah Homan
Best PaintPaul Seylor
Most OriginalDanielle Haub
Best CustomZach Lowe
Best DetailScott Bruhn
Honorable MentionJordon Jones
Rookie AwardDanielle Haub
Long Distance AwardJohn VanSyckle
Shootout AmbassadorPat DiPersia
Spirit of the ShootoutJim Sanderson

Misc Awards
Lowest ETBrian Oatway
Best BurnoutIra Robinson
Worst BreakdownAlan Stewart & Randy Hunerkoch

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Things I learned at the Shootout

pro street rich
1. if the weather outside is bad at night, the parking lot is VERY QUIET
2. Brian still knows how to cook a great meal for us...thanks
3. some people can always find a way to break their car.... even on the dyno...[it likes transmissions]
4. more races were won by the other person's "red" light then ever....
5. this hotel was there for us and everyone I think had a great week end..

XR7 Dave
1. Simple maintenance (lack thereof specifically) can really kill the fun on an otherwise about-to-be killer dyno pull.
2. Not all roots blowers whine. At least on Corvettes they don't.
3. Yes, your eyes can still burn 5 parking spots down from an SC on E85 and 5 cylinders. In open air. With a breeze.
4. AOD's still suck.
5. A stick shift is a great way to make a fast SC slow.
6. Power is nothing without control.
7. You may not need an intercooler to keep ACT's under 150 @ 20psi.
8. You can lose and recover both your keys and cell phone on separate occasions, on the same day, and still not be sure where your wallet is.
9. Hoods really can fly.
10. You can have the baddest SC ever built and still not take home any awards/recognition at an SC Shootout.

1. Nitrous is useless in October without a bottle heater
2. My car can actually make over 300rwhp with counterweight (thanks william yaunce)
3. The new hotel was 100x better and i hope we go back!
4. The shootout is just not the same without Kurt Sunday
5. Its easy to get excited and break out by .02 bracket racing oatway!
6. AOD's can break too! (I am glad mine did not!)
7. An aermotive stealth pump can melt the factory pump plug even with upgraded wiring!
8. A 2500lb harbor freight winch is only good for about 10 uses
9. A 300rwhp aod car will beat a 400rwhp 5 speed on the track every time.
10. The Shootout was a great time as always and I can't wait for next year!

1. Kathy's quilts have the potential to start a riot.
2. Hood blow over can make a grown woman cry.
3. Always bring a spare camera, a spare supercharger belt and a spare transmission.
4. Sanding a hood in two days will take skin off a finger.
5. New Yorker's don't play, "you WILL see it coming"
6. Red lights suck!
7. The Haub crew and Brian are award greedy.
8. Shootout tents are great!
9. Shoutouts can exist without parking lot burnouts.
10. Still the best event to be a part of!

1. Auburn Pro Diff's are annoying/noisy when they warm up (with synthetic fluid at least)
2. Even automatics miss shifts sometimes
3. Delrin bushings make a big difference at the start line (vs stock & poly)
4. A new set of poly differential bushings are good for about 3 good passes with the stock rear mount...time to beef some more stuff up.
5. Finding a babysitter is easy at the track! (Thanks Amanda Royer, Jennifer Oatway and [youngest daughter] Oatway!)
6. The Haubs still can't beat The Homans
7. Car runs a lot better with the right tune loaded - glad the first pass was just an 1/8th mile
8. Gates HD belts are not unbreakable! (Right, Brian?)
9. Burnouts just aren't burnouts if you miss the water box (thanks Chris Vining!)
10. Casey knows how to giterdun! That car is going to be a serious presence with a little more work!

1. The new hotel was much nicer.
2. White SCs get little attention at the car shows.
3. Lexington is full of panhandlers.
4. Luke really doesn't want people to know what his car weighs.
5. I've got some work to improve launching the car.
6. Race track hotdogs are not a good lunch choice.
7. You can always make a 5spd wheel hop, no matter what bushings you use (but delrin is better).
8. Line locks are awesome.
9. SC folks are great to people for the most part.
10. Missing a shift will cost you the race.

1. You can do a ton of work to your motor and make less power.
2. Jacob Royers car is pretty fast.
3. Racing my car on the track is a lot of fun with a real transmission.
4. 26" tires make my car trap in 5th
5. It was no fluke Daniel Haub can Bake!
6. Randy Hunerkoch can weld!
7. Nitrous makes the power it says it will.
8. The shootout is not the same without Kurt Sunday and Ken Wagner.
9. My car will never be done like David Niebert has been telling me for years.
10. I'm humbled more every year to be a part of such a great group of knuckleheads!

Pat DiPersia
1. Having a fire at the original hotel was probably a good thing (For us, not them.)
2. Love seeing everyone jump in to help wrench on each other's car - amazing the camaraderie this group has for each other!
3. There are some REALLY loud cars. And some REALLY quiet ones!
4. Best event for sure - weather cooperated, hotel was great, etc etc etc. Not sure I'd change a thing in that sense.
5. Glad to see SC folks that don't even have an SC still come out. Great seeing the Vette and Marauder. We need more of the old SC crew back, even without their SCs. Face it, registration from SC owners isn't going to go up on a car that hasn't been produced in over 20 years. So happy that everyone is so welcoming of the non-SCs.
6. Glad there was no SERIOUS carnage. All of the carnage sucked, but seemed relatively minor. Still sucks to have to make that trip home knowing you have a project that wasn't planned.
7. As good as the banquet was, still miss the Oatway buffet!
8. Don't think I heard one complaint this year about the event. I think we're finally getting this figured out!
9. When did Brian get the Aflackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk duck installed on the dyno?
10. Great stories, great people, great drunk dialing!

Kurt Sunday
A new job caused me to miss this year but I still learned a couple of things:
1. It is very hard for your new coworkers to understand how you're missing being at a hotel with Captain Kangaroo, Abe Lincoln, Magnum PI, Macklemore, and a dude in Elf Shoes.
2. Turn off your phone around midnight or you'll be fstick text bombed.
3. I also agree that the hotel was great. Early Saturday morning they graciously connected me to several of your rooms so I could invite you to Bill Evanoff's room for some special cuddling.
4. You guys are like family and I really missed you!
5. IVEY!

1. You can break down on the dyno and have to watch the racing while gritting your teeth.
2. Even broken I got a pretty good dyno number ... 361 rwhp.
3. Lentech valve bodies are good if the installation detail is good.
4. Turbo cars were noticeably absent from the track.
5. Even the big dogs can beat themselves.

David Neibert
1. Using a foam gun and a cordless leaf blower to clean my car looked silly but it made the job much easier on my back.
2. The bushes behind the pool was not a good spot for homeless people to sleep Friday night.
3. Some people take the TBU junk box auction to literally (not supposed to be 100% junk)
4. Randy & Dan will do whatever it takes to make the stuff they sell fit your car.
5. It is possible to win a Car Show trophy, with the car up on jack stands for the entire day.
6. Misfiring at high rpm issue I've had for the past two years was caused by being too lean, not rich.
7. Turbocharged SCs are getting more impressive every year (Loving Corey's Car)
8. Nobody in our group wants to race 1/8 mile, and would rather park their car and wait for track to dry.
9. It's possible to get in my head and cause me to red light by 2 tenths (Good job Luke !)
10. Seeing all my SC friends and meeting new ones....never gets old.

1. Your mind can play tricks on you whenever the solution is typically simpler than what you think it is.
2. Sarah doesn't just kick her husband's butt; she kicks everyone's butt.
3. SVOs don't natually sound that weird; you just have to plug all your plug wires in.
4. Rain rain go away...tryna get work done today.
5. Neebz' car has a lifetime warranty through SCUi
6. We need to have a Hug Station for disappointment at the track and dyno.
7. Brand new crank sensors can die whenever you're driving it around the track.
7a. That's gotta be a sign, because I'm ballsy when I'm excited.
8. I don't have friends until I get to the Shootout.
8a. Car builds > friends = Shootout friends
9. I remember I adopted Phil, and someone needs to send him on his way!
10. You have to check and yell "CLEAR" before you fire fuel drenched cylinder's coils. (Anybody home, Binks??)

1. Always double check your hood to be sure it is latched correctly before driving off anywhere!
2. Don't think for one minute that even though you changed nothing on your car that it will be ready come shootout time, (that won't happen again!)
3. Seeing your car on a trailer all day at the track is very depressing!
4. Unexpected wrenching on your own car at the shootout sucks, you miss so much of the event!
5. You never know who will step up to help a fellow SC'er in your time of need, but rest assured someone will! (Thanks Randy H. I really appreciate your assistance this year!)
6. Always double check your hood to be sure it is latched correctly before driving off anywhere!