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2017 SC Shootout Coverage

No track day for 2017 - RAINED OUT! First time in our 15 year history...

Dyno Winners
V6 M90James "Smitty" Smith456 HP
V6 SuperchargedBrian Oatway483 HP
V6 TurboKen Wagner417 HP

Car Show Winners
Best of ShowDavid Clark
2nd PlaceKen Wagner
3rd PlaceNorm Lessard
People's ChoiceDavid Neibert
Most OriginalDanielle Haub
Best CustomZach Lowe
Best DetailNorm Lessard
Best PaintNorm Lessard
Honorable MentionIkey Maynard
Rookie AwardDavid Gallo
Long Distance AwardRicardo Alfonseca
Shootout AmbassadorDan Thornsberry
Spirit of the ShootoutMatt Haub

15 year awards went to David Neibert,
Duane Nettles & Kurt Kreisz!
They haven't missed a Shootout yet!

Check out the SC Shootout Facebook page for more coverage, photos, etc. Click me!

Things I learned at the Shootout

pro street rich
1. the Sheraton does know how to cook a great sat night was SUPER GOOD......
2. it does rain in Kentucky even when you don't want it to..
3. fires on the dyno can be fun to put out twice..
4. parking is always good at this place..even for trailers...lots of them at that...
5. the dyno did make some people happy and others scratching their heads..
6. Kurt Sunday does make a good MC at the dinner.. yes he does..
7. when some people run out of beer they go to bed..
8. not every restaurant is ready when you bring a big group in for dinner. [ED: While the owner knew, he forgot to tell the crew working that night and called the next day very apologetic]
9. some people need to show up for the shoot out if they are on the planning side of it..
10. again the group put on one heck of a party once again and I think EVERYONE had a great time..
11. Boy it sure would have been nice if Ford had made s.c.'s in the color RED... you never see one that color ever do how many were there?? I think 10 or so..

1. Maybe I do still want a twin screw someday....maybe.
2. With a twin screw, autos can be fun on the street too!
3. (Pre-Shootout Shuffle) Don't expect flux-shied welding wire or sticks to seal IC piping, etc.
4. You don't need to have a car at the Shootout...or even race..... to have a blast!
5. Storytime with Jacob Royer should be on the Shootout itinerary from now on!
6. (Pre-Shootout Shuffle) You should probably just buy a rebuilt power steering rack.
7. Don't paint your engine bay while the motor is out - unless you're ready to spend hours and hours more to make the rest of the junk look nice too!
8. We have ALOT of cars in the 400rwhp range!
9. The Shootout still attracts first-timers! I think we had a very good turnout and great time!
10. Chris's Dobie was probably better-behaved than any other body under the tent at night....maybe she can be the official chaperone next time!

1. For a small fee of 3500$ you can gain 87rwhp
2. All our years of dodging the rain finally cought up
3. Ritch lost his elves shoes????
4. Matt doing burnouts in you're car while you are drunk riding shotgun is fun!
5. An mpx car CAN make 407rwhp without n20
6. The dyno made all the twin screw guys sad
7. Kurt Sunday makes the shootout much better!
8. Dan Thornsberry finally was recognized for being how he has always been! An asset to the club and a great friend to everyone!
9. I should have gone twin-screw along time ago!
10. The parkette has awesome food and crap service! But it was a very fun element to add the cruise to the shootout and hope it becomes tradition!

1. Jacobs Voodoo joke is like opening the flood gates of a very interesting evening at the shootout
2. Year after year Chris vinning can fix dozens of tuning issues in very short order on nearly everyone's car.
3. You can build a high dollar engine twice and still have blowbye
4. Jacob Royer should have listened to me and gone twin screw years ago.
5. Jacob Royer should just listen to me period
6. Kurt Sunday gives super great hugs
7. Chris wise can drive his car a long way and have 0 issues.
8. Kelly Simons needs to finish his sc
9. You dont have to have a supercoupe to attend the shootout!
10. Scott Long will one day have a running driving stopping steering car at the shootout if he has enough vacation days to head to Michigan first.

1. Babies are popular with the shootout females
2. Loaded SC will destroy rear tires after a long trip
3. Dyno operators need to be instrutcted to rev past 5500 on twinscrew cars
4. Burning through race gas without actually racing stinks
5. You don’t need a twin screw for 400whp
6. Clark blows out dip sticks
7. Rushing a nitrous installation will have you miss tightening a fitting that makes the car into a fireball
8. Ken W has exhaust pipes out of the front bumper
9. Facebook is great for up to the minute updates
10. Scott Long is hardcore towing the car just to show up
Bonus 11. Dan Thornsberry is super helpful and award was well deserved.

1. Hotel has a lot more space for trailers and parking
2. Hook up your over drive before driving down the highway cuz 3000+RPM for 10 minutes warms thing up
3. Poor service at the drive in can really suck for those who dont get their food order
4. Chris Vining is a life saver fixing tuning and swapping in my new Quarter Horse
5. David Clark is one detailed guy when it comes to his SC
6. Dyno operators should ask more questions about each car on the dyno to get the biggest bang
7. My car still hates the dyno and mostly refused to start just prior to getting on it
8. Best bunch of people to hang out with for the weekend hands down
9. Missed a few of my favorite people

1. 1900mi and 225 gallons of gas in the truck is a tough pill when the racing gets rained out
2. But the hug from "Bill Evanoff" was worth it
3. Clark reinvents his car every year and it just keeps getting better
4. Royer needs an AR
5. How many times can a set of clear corner lamps be given away in "Junk" boxes
6. Parkette has the potential to be a nice tradition, I hope people were not too turned off by this years hiccup
7. It was great to see a bunch of new faces joining the group
8. It was great to see a bunch of old faces that had missed a couple of years back with us
9. Ira needs a better lawyer
10. Awesome group of people made the best of a disappointing weekend.