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Rule Book

Common rules for all classes unless otherwise stated:
  1. All cars in all classes subject to general competition rules as administered by the host track.
  2. Minimum driver age 18 unless accompanied by a signed affidavit from parents or legal guardian. With aforementioned permission, 16yr old licensed drivers may participate.
  3. Permitted fuels include any grade of pump gas, racing gasoline, methanol, alcohol and/or E85 ethanol blend unless otherwise specified.
  4. Competition open to all MN12 chassis cars only unless otherwise stated. Full tube chassis cars or cars without a VIN are welcome to participate but will be restricted to Test & Tune runs only. FN10 chassis cars and other vehicles powered by an SC motor are also invited to participate in the Bracket ET class.
  5. Engine must be based on a Ford motor for all non-Test and Tune classes, any and all modifications are allowed. Any form of forced induction and nitrous allowed.
  6. All classes subject to minimum class entry number of four (4). Any class with less than 4 entrants may be dissolved with the entrants having the option of joining another class of their choice.
  7. All participants will be required to pre-register for a class but will be given the opportunity to change classes as desired up to the time of making your qualifying pass (index classes only). After qualifying pass is made/attempted no class changes are allowed.
  8. In keeping with general NHRA competition rules, if you stage on a wrong dial in, then you are forced to run it. It is the driver's responsibility to make sure the dial in # that is shown for their lane on the scoreboard matches the number they put on their window. If the number doesn't match, you are not supposed to light the stage bulbs.
  9. There will be no refunds for any reason.
  10. Compliance with these rules is the sole responsibility of the participant. SC Shootout is not responsible for enforcement of these rules, however; any violation of these rules, knowingly or otherwise, may result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of any fees paid to SC Shootout.
  11. All participants that are racing MUST attend the PRE-RACE drivers meeting held Saturday evening after the banquet.

Racing Classes:
  1. Mod 1: 13.799 - 13.000 (index 13.000).
  2. Mod 2: 12.999 - 12.200 (index 12.200).
  3. Pro Street: 12.199 - 11.400 (index 11.400).
  4. Elite Street: 11.399 - 10.600 (index 10.600).
  5. Outlaw: 10.599 - quicker (no index).
  6. Bracket ET: (Dial-In)
  7. Test and Tune: (N/A)
Bracket ET class will be for the driver oriented racer or for those who do not fit any above category.  Entrants in Bracket ET class will be paired up based on ET with the intention of promoting door-to-door racing wherever possible.

The Test and Tune class will be for any vehicle eliminated from racing or not participating in the racing competition. Starting in 2016 the Test & Tune class will also be made available as a registration option for those people who want to race their Porsche, Ferrari or whatever else they have that is track capable, to see what it will do. It will also be available for those people who do not wish to be in a competitive racing class and just want to make some passes with their qualifying MN12 or FN10. This class will run in-between qualifying, eliminations, etc. or any time we have additional time. NO AWARDS WILL BE PRESENTED FOR THIS CLASS.  

Buy back option:
Any participant that is eliminated during the first round of eliminations of any class may buy back into Bracket ET racing for $20. Bracket ET class participants may be paired up against someone they have already eliminated due to this buy back option.

Track Champ Runoff:
Immediately following the final round of eliminations, the winners of every class listed above will be invited to participate in a Track Champ runoff where all participants will race bracket style using dial-in numbers of their own choosing. All the same rules for racing in Bracket ET will apply to the Track Champ runoff, except there will be no buy backs allowed. We have a very limited amount of time to complete the runoff, which may result in cool down times of only 5 minutes between runs. Please plan accordingly.

Dyno Competition Classes:
  1. Highest HP V6 M90
  2. Highest HP V6 Supercharged
  3. Highest HP V6 Turbocharged
  4. Highest HP V8 Naturally aspirated
  5. Highest HP V8 Power Adder
Dyno Competition Rules & Details:
  • Engine: Ford motors only. Any and all power adders allowed.
  • Adjustments: Minor adjustments allowed only.
  • Number of attempts: The fee paid to participate in the Dyno competition only covers two (2) pulls. Any more than two (2) pulls or any tuning done on the dyno that results in a delay, will invoke extra charges for dyno time. Due to time constraints, the maximum number of pulls allowed is three (3).
  • Details: All dyno pulls must be done the day of the event on the dyno provided by the SC Shootout to be considered valid and are subject to verification by the SC Shootout.

* All rules subject to change and/or correction without notice and at the discretion of the SC Shootout Committee. Individual exceptions to these rules will be considered on a case to case basis and may be awarded at the discretion of the SC Shootout Committee. Violation of these rules will forfeit any and all winnings and may result in disqualification without reimbursement. The SC Shootout does not govern or enforce any safety rules neither NHRA or IHRA. It it the responsibility of the host track to govern and enforce any safety rules. It is also the responsibility of each competitor to consult the current year NHRA/IHRA applicable rulebook and comply as required.